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2018-2019 Annual Health Information

Prescription Medication Consent Form

Over the Counter Medication Consent Form

Immunization Form
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2017-2018 Athletic Physical Form

Dietary Form Please complete this form if your child has a food allergy, or requires special diet accommodations (i.e. pureed foods, lactose intolerant, peanut allergy, diabetes)

Asthma Action Plan Please complete this form if your child has asthma

Anaphylaxis/Allergy Action Plan Please complete this form if your child has allergies

Seizure Action Plan Please complete this form if your child has a seizure disorder

Diabetes Medical Management & Action Plan Please complete this form if your child has diabetes

*Please note that additional forms may be required based on your student's specific needs.


2017-2018 Información Anual De Salud; Español

Consentimiento para la administración de medicamentos; Español

AES Health Office


My name is Alyssa Thier and I am excited to introduce myself as the new school nurse for the Adrian district. I previously worked as a school nurse for the Worthington school district for the last 3 ½ years. Before that I worked in the pediatrics department at the Worthington Sanford Clinic. My husband, Tony Thier, and myself have had 5 children who are and will be apart of the Adrian school district. Being a school nurse has allowed me to continue caring for them and your children as well.


One new thing I am going to start implementing at the Elementary School is a health office pass. The idea behind the pass has many different purposes. This will help me to know what the staff has seen or what the child has been complaining of. Many times a complaint will change from the time a student has left the classroom and made it to the health office. This also serves as a communication piece for what has been tried in the class and my communication back to staff for what was done in the health office. The idea is for the pass to go home in the folder with the student, so parents can be aware when, why, and how often their child is visiting the health office.


Thank you for your patience as I transition into my new role and please feel free to contact me for any health concerns.