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Adrian's Current Scrip Inventory List - Click Here

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Cards available through SCRIP - Click Here

Any card can be ordered by contacting Sarah Lenz. or 507.483.2266

Cards normally arrive within a few days of order placement.


We would like to take the time to share a fantastic program called SCRIP.

This particular program allows you or your family members to buy and use gift cards with the incentive of receiving 1-16% back on your initial card purchase. Rather than paying for your groceries and household items using cash or credit cards, pay with these gift cards and earn rebates on each card! You can use SCRIP gift cards on almost every purchase because there are over 750 retailers available in categories like gas, groceries, clothing, restaurants, home improvement, and so much more!

The best news is that you may bank your money and use the money toward a Non-Profit school program of your choice. We have had several families participate in this program and ultimately had the opportunity to pay for their child’s entire preschool tuition this way. Other programs that can be paid for with SCRIP rebates are your student's lunch account, Community Ed programs such as summer rec and Driver’s Education, band trips, etc.

 You, friends of the family, or extended family members may buy the cards from the District Office. The District now has and will keep the most popular cards on hand and cards from any of the other 750 retailers are available to purchase when ordered. Please take the time to look it over and consider starting a “bank of money” for your child. You can find the complete list of retailers online by clicking here. There are no hidden costs, penalties, or fees. It is a prepaid card to the individual places you already shop.

If you have any questions about this program, please call and talk to Sarah Lenz, Bookkeeper, Adrian Public Schools at 507.483.2266.


Sarah Lenz

Adrian Public Schools