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Due to the declared health pandemic and the declared state of emergency and pursuant to Minnesota Stature 13D.021, until further notice, all school board meetings will be held by teleconference or other electronic means. 


Regular Board Meeting

Monday April 20, 2020

6:00 PM

Teleconference Meeting

Tentative Agenda

                    1.  Call to Order

                    2.  Approve Agenda Items

                    3.  Building & Grounds Report

                    4  Consent Agenda Items

                         A.  Minutes from March 16, 2020 and March 18, 2020 meetings

                         B.  Claims & Accounts for March 2020

                         C.  Reports

                     5.  Principal's Report & AD Report

                     6.  Superintendent's Report

                     7.  Adjourn




ISD 511 District Strategic Goals

Variables Considered in Strategic Planning

Students - Staff - Budget - Technology - Trends - State & Federal Mandates
Internal Strengths & Weaknesses – External Opportunities & Threats

 District Wide Goals and Strategies

1) Ensure that student learning and achievement is taking place.

  • Promote the development of PLC’s
  • Use data to identify student needs and tailor instruction accordingly
  • Provide academic recovery options for our at risk students
  • Maintain academic accountability standards for all students
  • Develop the use of formative and summative assessments to measure student learning

2) Create a positive learning environment

  • Maintain a safe and accountable educational environment for students and staff
  • Continue to seek opportunities to communicate with all stakeholders
  • Maintain reasonable expenditures and explore additional revenue streams
  • Expand community education opportunities for life-long learning

3) Provide ongoing curriculum development

  • Integrate new technology into the delivery of curriculum
  • Provide an academic foundation in K-6 based on reading, writing and math
  • Provide opportunity for college prep and dual credit
  • Provide opportunities for vocational courses
  • Provide academic recovery courses for at risk students
  • Continue to monitor an adjust curriculum to meet individual student needs
  • Continue to monitor an adjust curriculum to align with state and federal standards
  • Continue to engage students with relevant curriculum

4) Provide ongoing staff development

  • Promote the development of PLC’s
  • Provide staff training on new technology and integration into the curriculum

5) Manage limited resources effectively

  • Look for ways to operate more efficiently in light of the current economy and state aid reductions
  • Look for ways to cooperate with other schools

6) Provide opportunities for extra-curricular activities

  • Maintain balance between fine arts and athletic activities
  • Maintain accountability standards for students who participate in extra curricular activities in terms of behavior and academics


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