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Special Board Meeting

Tuesday November 12, 2019

12:00 Noon

District Conference Room


                    1.  Call to Order

                    2.  Canvass School Board Election Results

                    3.  Canvass Referendum Election Results 

           4.  Adjourn


Regular Board Meeting

Monday November 18, 2019

6:00 PM

District Conference Room

Tentative Agenda

                    1.  Call to Order

                    2.  Approve Agenda Items

                    3.  Building & Grounds Report

                    4.  Approve Minutes from October 21, 2019 meeting

                    5.  Approve Minutes from November 12, 2019 meeting

                    6.  Approve Claims & Accounts for September 2019

                    7.  Reports

                         A.  General Ledger Report

                         B.  Cash Flow

                         C.  Investments

                    8  Principal's Report & AD Report

                    9.  Superintendent's Report

                    10.  Adjourn


ISD 511 District Strategic Goals

Variables Considered in Strategic Planning

Students - Staff - Budget - Technology - Trends - State & Federal Mandates
Internal Strengths & Weaknesses – External Opportunities & Threats

 District Wide Goals and Strategies

1) Ensure that student learning and achievement is taking place.

  • Promote the development of PLC’s
  • Use data to identify student needs and tailor instruction accordingly
  • Provide academic recovery options for our at risk students
  • Maintain academic accountability standards for all students
  • Develop the use of formative and summative assessments to measure student learning

2) Create a positive learning environment

  • Maintain a safe and accountable educational environment for students and staff
  • Continue to seek opportunities to communicate with all stakeholders
  • Maintain reasonable expenditures and explore additional revenue streams
  • Expand community education opportunities for life-long learning

3) Provide ongoing curriculum development

  • Integrate new technology into the delivery of curriculum
  • Provide an academic foundation in K-6 based on reading, writing and math
  • Provide opportunity for college prep and dual credit
  • Provide opportunities for vocational courses
  • Provide academic recovery courses for at risk students
  • Continue to monitor an adjust curriculum to meet individual student needs
  • Continue to monitor an adjust curriculum to align with state and federal standards
  • Continue to engage students with relevant curriculum

4) Provide ongoing staff development

  • Promote the development of PLC’s
  • Provide staff training on new technology and integration into the curriculum

5) Manage limited resources effectively

  • Look for ways to operate more efficiently in light of the current economy and state aid reductions
  • Look for ways to cooperate with other schools

6) Provide opportunities for extra-curricular activities

  • Maintain balance between fine arts and athletic activities
  • Maintain accountability standards for students who participate in extra curricular activities in terms of behavior and academics