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Welcome to Adrian Dragon Cheerleading!

2017-2018 School Year Schedule:


Practice: February 203:30-4:14
Practice: February 223:30-4:15
Practice: February 263:30-4:15
Practice: February 283:30-4:14


Practice: March 23:30-4:15
Practice: March 63:30-4:15
Practice: March 73:30-4:15
Try-outs: March 8, 3:30-Finished
Roster Posted: March 93:15 - Meeting at 6:00



Team Resources


Cheer List


Try-out Dance (Front View)

Try-out Dance (Back view with Counts)

Squishy Fit

Practice Video 2

Sweet Caroline

Stomp Cheer

Horse @ 2:48

Body Rock HIIT

Split Stretch

Dance Louie Louie

Paint it Black

2019 Tryout Resources

Dance Demo - Me Too

Dance Tutorial - Me Too

Dance Demo - Bang Dem Sticks

Dance Tutorial - Bang Dem Sticks

Toe Touch Jump Video

Push 'em Back Behind the Line (#9 at 2:09 - Follow the girl facing backwards)